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This Day in History aims to bring the past to life, reliving events and famous Birthdays of days gone by. History has been made every day since the dawn of time so we have trawled through the old newspapers and archives to find those poignant moments that live long in the memory.

What was happening in the world in past years on the day you were born? Who do you share your Birthday with? We have events and Birthdays listed for every day of the year including historical events on 29 February.

Just choose your month below then all the dates are listed in order:

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Random Historical Events

Volleyball Invented

February 9


  • 1895 – Volleyball invented by William G Morgan, he was a YMCA physical director. He created a game called Mintonette in Massachusetts as a past time.
  • 1969 – Boeing 747 makes its first commercial flight, with test pilots Jack Waddell and Brien Wygle, it was confirmed the 747 handled well.
  • 1985 – Madonna’s, Like a Virgin album goes to number one for three weeks.


  • 1846 - Wilhelm Maybach was born in Germany. He became an engineer and designed light, high-speed internal combustion engines, these were used in the first Mercedes.
  • 1940 – William Smokey Robinson, Jr was born in Detroit, Michigan. He became an American R&B singer songwriter with hits like Tears of Clown, Love Machine.
  • 1943 – Joe Pesci was born in Newark, New Jersey. He became an actor and played a variety of roles from violent mobsters to a comedy sidekick. He has been in many films including Half Nelson, Goodfellas, My Cousin Vinny.

Voyager 1 photographs entire solar system

February 14


  • 1876 – Alexander Graham Bell applies for the telephone patent, it was a race with Elisha Gray who also put the application in on this day, the Supreme Court eventually rules Bell rightful inventor.
  • 1929 – The St Valentine’s Day Massacre happened in Chicago. Two rivals gangs, one led by Al Capone and the other by Bugs Moran, seven gangsters were killed.
  • 1990 – Voyager 1 takes photograph of entire solar system; the view is looking from the outside in and includes the famous ‘pale blue dot’ image.


  • 1845 – Cecil Valentine De Vere was born as Cecil Valentine Brown. He became the first official British chess champion in 1866.
  • 1859 – George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr was born in Illinois. He became an engineer and inventor, his most famous creation is the Ferris Wheel.
  • 1951 – Kevin Keegan was born Joseph Kevin Keegan in Doncaster, UK. He became a well known football player and managed the England football team.