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This Day in History aims to bring the past to life, reliving events and famous Birthdays of days gone by. History has been made every day since the dawn of time so we have trawled through the old newspapers and archives to find those poignant moments that live long in the memory.

What was happening in the world in past years on the day you were born? Who do you share your Birthday with? We have events and Birthdays listed for every day of the year including historical events on 29 February.

Just choose your month below then all the dates are listed in order:

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Random Historical Events

First motorized aircraft flight

December 17


  • 1718 – England declares war on Spain
  • 1900 - 1st prize of 100,000 francs was offered for communications with extraterrestrials. Although there were exclusions, contact with Martians was not to be considered as it would be too easy.
  • 1903 - At 10:35 AM on this day the first sustained motorized aircraft flight happened by Orville Wright.


  • 1770 – Johann Friedrich Schubert – The world famous composer was born.
  • 1954 – Bill Pullman – Was born and he became an actor and had roles in Sommersby, League of their Own and Independence Day.
  • 1975 – Milla Jovovich - Born in Kiev, Ukraine, became an actress and had roles in Return to Blue Lagoon, Chaplin and Ultraviolet and most famously Resdent Evil.

John F. Kennedy runs for President

January 2


  • 1945 – Allied air raid on Neurenberg.
  • 1947 – Mahatma Gandhi begins march for peace in East-Bengali.
  • 1960 – Senator John F Kennedy, announces his candidacy for President.


  • 1920 - Isaac Asimov – Was born in Russia, he became a scientist and writer, he penned I Robot and Foundation Trilogy.
  • 1968 – Cuba Gooding Jr – Became an actor and has starred in Jerry McGuire, As Good As It Gets, Boyz N the Hood, A Few Good Men plus many more.
  • 1969 – Christy Turlington – Was born in San Francisco California and became a supermodel, representing Calvin Klein’s’ Eternity fragrance.