Elizabeth I Becomes Queen

on November 17, 2012 in History in November

November 17


  • 1558 - Elizabeth I became Queen of England and Ireland following the death of her half sister Queen Mary. Elizabeth reigned till 1603.
  • 1603 – Walter Raleigh, English explorer and courtier was put on trial for treason in the Great Hall of Winchester Castle. He was found guilty and was imprisoned in the Tower of London.
  • 2006 - PlayStation 3 was released and went on sale in the US and Europe.


  • 0009 - Vespasian born in Falacrina, Italy became the 9th Emperor of the Roman Empire.
  • 1755 - Louis XVIII was born in the Palace of Versailles and became the King of France.
  • 1944 – Danny DeVito born in Neptune, New Jersey is an American actor, comedian, director and producer.

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